At Heads Above the Cloud we produce interactive, immersive environments. We work in both virtual and existing environments which enable you to share the spaces you design or manage.

With innovative and ground-breaking technologies we deliver outstanding platforms and tools to market and monitor the built environment, both existing and in conception.

We work across multiple sectors, including, but not exclusively:

  • Residential property sales and lettings
  • Commercial & retail developments
  • Hospitality showcasing
  • Exhibitions and archive collections
  • Measurable plans and pre-visualisation
  • Dilapidations and insurance claims


Using Augmented Reality (AR) we take your plans and create interactive solutions which alter the perception of reality through your smart or wearable device. By combining the real-world with digital content our products grab the attention of users with outstanding immersive, explorable spaces. AR uses marker-based or GPS-located technology and will transform how you present your concepts and inform your clients and potential customers. Easily shared through social media, AR will create that buzz about you and your projects.

By using AR, alone or in combination with our other services, we can help you with solutions that drive marketing, inform customers and will always raise an eyebrow or a smile.

We offer solutions across multiple sectors; including:

  • Construction & Sales
  • Education & Learning
  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Technical manuals
  • Product prototyping
Realspace Interactive - Crystal Palace Coppell Lounge


With RealSpace Interactives, we take your existing space and enable you to engage with it and to share it with others. The spaces are turned into completely immersive models within which we can highlight standout features or areas. Using a single, user-friendly, platform we also deliver accurate RealSpace floorplans, from which viewers can measure, capture images and create virtual tours.

RealSpace interactives give on-line viewers complete freedom to explore the existing space, even over multiple floors, so are ideal for:

  • Showcasing residential properties for sales or lettings
  • Marketing retail, commercial or industrial spaces
  • Facilitating venue selection and spatial planning in the hospitality sector
  • Archiving exhibition spaces, historic buildings or refurbishment projects
  • Measuring dilapidations
  • Empowering insurance claims


Using 360 video and photography we create interactive guides of your space. A traditional video allows you to showcase a space as you lead your client or potential customer through it. However this one-sided perspective can leave the viewer disengaged and misses the full opportunity that a guided tour allows. With 360 video the viewer can fully interact with the space as they are led through it, whether through their desktop, smart or wearable device, engaging your audience fully in a unique and exciting way.

Our 360 solutions can be combined with virtual content to add layers of information, heightening the experience even further.


Giving yet another perspective, we take our services to the skies. Our fully-qualified drone pilots hold the required UK Permissions to operate commercially so we can give that lift to your project. Our drone platforms enable us to take you up through your space in an interactive way, providing a further dimension to your interactive video guides, apps or multi-touch displays.

We can create 3D models of your building or land which we can then add into our interactive solutions. We provide the views that don’t yet exist for projects in design stage or a unique view-point of your existing space. It’s a powerful way to market, monitor or simply give that 'wow' factor.

360 video - Trinity School Quad