3D Virtual Tours

Realspace Interactive - Crystal Palace Coppell Lounge


With RealSpace Interactives, we take your existing space and enable you to engage with it and to share it with others. The spaces are turned into completely immersive models within which we can highlight standout features or areas. Using a single, user-friendly, platform we also deliver accurate RealSpace floorplans, from which viewers can measure, capture images and create virtual tours.

RealSpace interactives give on-line viewers complete freedom to explore the existing space, even over multiple floors, so are ideal for:

  • Showcasing residential properties for sales or lettings
  • Marketing retail, commercial or industrial spaces
  • Facilitating venue selection and spatial planning in the hospitality sector
  • Archiving exhibition spaces, historic buildings or refurbishment projects
  • Measuring dilapidations
  • Empowering insurance claims